Paper Towel Roll American Flag

We did a flag similar to this one back on Flag Day a few months ago.  For the 4th of July we made an American Flag.  Our flag doesn't have the correct number of stripes on it, but we did count out 50 glitter glue stars.

Flag Supply List: 1 paper towel roll, red, white & blue construction paper, glitter glue, glue stick, packing tape

Glue a blue piece of construction paper into the corner of your white flag.  Cut red strips of paper and glue those down.  Use your glitter glue to put 50 stars on your flag.  Allow to dry.

Once your flag is dry you can use the packing tape to secure it to your paper towel roll.

Book Suggestion: The American Flag is a great non-fiction book that goes through tons of facts about our American Flag.  It was fun to read through all the different facts with Cole.

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