Paper Towel Roll Flag {Flag Day}

Happy Flag Day!  Here's an easy little craft to help celebrate the birthday of the American Flag.

Flag Supply List: 1 paper towel roll, sheet of construction paper, packing tape, scrap paper, glue, scissors

Cut strips of paper from your scraps and glue them down on your large sheet.

Use your packing tape to adhere the paper to the paper towel roll.

Wave your flag all over the house!  We loved this craft and it was simple and required little drying time.  It would be a great activity to do with a large group of kids.  I think we might adapt it to create an American Flag for the 4th of July.

Book Suggestion: We checked out F Is For Flag at the local library and it was a great find.  Flags are everywhere, but this book talks about how a flag can have many meanings.

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