Toilet Paper Roll Airplane

 Airplane Supply List: 1 toilet paper roll, paint, piece of cardboard (cut in a pointed oval shape), black dots or scraps, scissors

 Begin by cutting slits in the side of your toilet paper roll and sliding your pointed oval cardboard through the slits.

 Cover the entire thing in a coat of paint.

 Glue on some windows and allow to dry.  Our windows were circle punch out scraps from another project, but you could easily use other scraps or cut them in different shapes.

Once dry, your airplane is ready to fly around the house.

Book Suggestion: Going on a Plane is an excellent book to check out if you're going to be traveling with young children on an airplane.  We brought it home from our local library the week before we all flew to Boston for our family vacation and it was a great way for Cole to prepare for the trip.

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