Paper Towel Roll Toddler Entertainment

So this isn't really a craft, but since I used it to entertain my 16 month old the other day, I thought I'd share. 
Toddler Entertainment Supply List: 6 paper towel rolls, 1 or more 6 pack holders, curious toddler
I started by showing her how they fit in the holes.  Then I sat back and watched her figure out how to get all 6 in the container.

Success!  No sooner had she figured it out, than she lost interest and moved on to playing with Cole's stickers.  At least it kept her busy for a little while.


Me said...

heehee, kids are so much fun at this age! My 10-month old can actually be kept entertained for quite some time with a few cardboard tubes. I'm loving your blog - we've done more than our share of tube crafts over here. So much fun to see them all in one place!!!

Marcia said...

Hi Shannon, I love visiting each week and seeing all your ideas...you are just amazing! I thought that I was already following your blog but I guess it was only fb...so as of today I am a follower of your blog.
Marcia Murphy :)
Learning Ideas Grades k-8

Shauna said...

I am so glad you left a comment on my blog so that I could find yours. I love your blog & all of the fun clever ideas you have come up with. You have inspired me to get creative with my TP & paper towel rolls. You should come back to my blog and link up one of your awesome posts during my "All Things Wonderful" link up.
Take care,

Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

I am so amazed that you have a whole blog dedicated to making things with TP rolls! This is Great! Lately we have been on a Paper Tube kick here !!! (Check out my latest post and Recycled Tub Sculpture too!) I am sharing you on my fb page! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am a follower now!

Anna @ The Imagination Tree said...

Can I just say that I think your blog is genius?! Love it. Thanks for visiting mine and leaving such sweet comments. I will be back here to browse and pick up some ideas later!
Thanks :-)