Cardboard Tube Color Patterning

I created this activity to work with Cole on some patterning concepts.  We used 3 paper towel tubes to create 3 different colors for our patterns.  You could easily adapt this to use more or fewer tubes based on your child's skill level. 
 Patterning Supply List: 3 paper towel tubes, 3 different colors of paint, scissors, pipe cleaner
 Paint each paper towel tube a different color.  You want to make sure to cover as much of the cardboard tube as possible with paint.
 Cut your tubes into smaller sections.
 Use your colored paper towel rolls to create patterns.  Above we did a blue/blue/red pattern and below a black/blue/black/blue pattern.  This was a fun activity that Cole really enjoyed.  I liked the fact that we used our craft to expand to a math concept. 

Book Suggestion: Pattern Fish by Trudy Harris is an excellent book for your Pre-K or Kindergarten student.  It explores different patterns beginning with the simple A/B and working its way through to more difficult.  The vivid pictures and rhyming words makes it a fun introduction to different types of patterns.

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Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

What a great idea! I am loving your blog and am so glad I found it today. I already put it in my reader!! Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight! ;)