Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars {National Bird Day}

Tomorrow is National Bird Day.  Celebrate by creating some binoculars that are perfect for bird watching in the backyard or at the park.  You can learn more about National Bird Day here.

Binocular Supply List: 2 toilet paper rolls, paint, glue, hole punch, ribbon or string.
Start by painting your binoculars.  We used our Roll It Paint.  Allow the card board tubes to dry.  I let them dry and then put a little glue between them and allowed them to sit overnight.
Use some ribbon or string and wrap it around your toilet paper rolls.  Use a little glue so it sticks to the tubes.
Punch holes on the outside of the tubes and thread another piece of ribbon through the holes.  I let Cole do the threading himself.  He likes to do as much of our crafts independently and this was a good chance to develop his fine motor skills.
Once they are dry your binoculars are ready for National Bird Day and it's time to get outside for some local bird watching.

Book Suggestion: What's That Bird? is a great book to introduce kids to the different types of birds in your backyard.  Not only does the book identify hundreds of different birds, but it also gives you fun facts about birds and includes diagrams with the different bird parts.  If your kids are anything like mine, they love learning random facts about animals.  Field guides and non-fiction are always popular around here.

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~Beth D. said...

we love these! we use a rubberband, but i like the ribbon!