Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

Snowman Supply List: 1 toilet paper roll, white paint, glue stick, marker, scrap of orange paper, pipe cleaner
Start by painting your toilet paper roll white.  We were low on white paint this day, so our snowman isn't as white as he should be.
Draw on a mouth and eyes.
Apply glue around the top of the snowman and put the baby sock on as a hat.  Use the glue stick to also apply the orange scrap of paper as a carrot nose.
Finally, tie the pipe cleaner scarf around the snowman's neck.

Book Suggestion: A Snowman Named Just Bob is a great book about friendship.  A snowman comes to life to teach a little boy some important lessons.  The illustrations are so warm and inviting.  It is a favorite to snuggle up with a warm blanket and cup of hot cocoa.

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