AirStone Fireplace Remodel

So yesterday I posted my before and after picture of my fireplace remodel.  Here are a few more pictures of the step-by-step process from beginning until the beautiful end.  I used AirStone, available from Lowes, in the Spring Creek color.  It took a few weekends to complete the entire thing; but that's because I had to cut & adhere stones between fetching popcicles for the kids.  

Here is my before picture.  Not bad, but so plain and uninteresting.

I started at the bottom (obviously).  The bottom part was easy because I could work with the concrete patio as my level surface to set the stones on.

When I got about half way up the sides of the fireplace I realized that I needed the top of the stones needed to be even with the top of the fireplace.   So I used duct tape and a really long level and placed my stones so that the next row up would stretch all the way across the top of the fireplace.

Here is the stone work all finished.

My final step was to build a mantel for the top of the stone.  I followed this tutorial and stained it to match our new pergola that sits off the porch.


Anonymous said...

I really like this! What color air stone did you use?

Alaina said...

is this a mix of the two colors?

Shannon said...

I used the Spring Creek colored stone. It comes with a mix of the dark and light grey all in the same box.

Anonymous said...

Nice. We are doing a similar fireplace with stone on face and around sides. How did you finish off at top edge of stone on the sides? Wondering about putting a one by eight board with same finish as mantel to provide stopping point for stone and provide a "finished" look?

Shannon said...

The mantle covers the front of the stone tops, but the others are just regular stone with nothing covering or capping them off. I just made sure to not use too much glue on those so there was nothing oozing out of the top.