Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

A few months ago we created some bird feeders for our yard.  Well, when we were planning for our recent camping trip my mom mentioned bringing some supplies so the kids could create bird feeders for outside our cabin.  I love bringing simple items with us on vacation so that we can create projects in our down time.  This one was a huge hit with all the kids on our trip.
Bird Feeder Supply List: 2 toilet paper rolls, peanut butter, plastic knife, string/ribbon/twine, cereal/bird seed
Cut your toilet paper rolls in half so that you have 4 smaller pieces.  Spread peanut butter on your cardboard tubes.
Roll your tubes in the cereal first and then in the bird seed.  If you don't have any bird seed you could use only cereal.
Tie your rolls together and hang on a tree outside.  I don't have any pictures of birds or squirrels enjoying a treat because I couldn't get my camera unpacked when we saw them.  Oh well, maybe next time.

Note: If you want to do this craft with kids who have peanut allergies, you can use marshmallow fluff to get your seeds and cereal to stick.

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My Oatmeal Kisses said...

I like how you made the TP rolls look asthetically pleasing!