Toilet Paper Roll Shape Train

 Train Supply List: 3 toilet paper rolls, colored construction paper, hole punch, string, scissors, glue
 Cut 3 strips of paper for each tube.  These are going to cover the outside of the toilet paper roll.  Cut shapes from different colored paper.  We had black circles, red rectangles, blue squares and green triangles.
 Glue your shapes onto the rectangular pieces.  Once those are dry glue the rectangular strips around the toilet paper roll. 
 Punch holes in the toilet paper rolls and attach your string.  Now your train is ready to pull around the house.

Book Suggestion: This old favorite, The Little Engine That Could, is one that we like to read over and over again.  It is inspirational and entertaining all at the same time.  Kids will love reading about how the little blue engine tries his hardest to get up and over the big hill.

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Stacey said...

I have three boys and we LOVE and good TP Roll craft in our house. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog through Pinterest. I'm now your newest follower!