Toilet Paper Roll Mummy

Mummy Supply List: 1 toilet paper roll, glue, google eyes, scissors, marker, first aid gauze

Begin by cutting all your gauze into strips.  You could also use the roll of gauze, but this is what we had in the house.  Put glue on your toilet paper roll and wrap a few layers of the gauze around the outside.

Add your google eyes and a mouth and let dry overnight.

Book Suggestion: We checked out Halloween books from the library this week and Where's My Mummy? was one of the ones we picked.  Little Mummy doesn't want to go to bed and spends some time running around looking for his Mama Mummy.  My kids loved the other Halloween characters that he ran into.

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Jen@eighteen25 said...

So cute!! What a fun and inexpensive craft for the kids!! Thanks so much for sharing.
Jen :)