Toilet Paper Roll Bat

Bat Supply List: 1 toilet paper roll, black paint, construction paper, google eyes, glue, scrap of white paper

Begin by painting your toilet paper roll with black paint and allow to dry.

Cut some wings out of your black construction paper.

Add some glue to your wings and lay the painted toilet paper roll on top.

Add google eyes and a few fangs and your bat is ready to fly around the house.

Book Suggestion: Stellaluna isn't necessarily a Halloween book, but it is one of our all time favorites. My kids both love the part at the end of the book where Stellaluna is reunited with her mom.  When I was pregnant with my daughter Kiley, Cole decided he wanted to name her Stellaluna.


Homa said...

We love Stellaluna, when I was a girl the author was at our school book fair and signed my book. She even drew a little sketch for my sisters and I. So kind and patient, the memory will always stick with me.

Jen@eighteen25 said...

what cute little kids crafts!! love the mummy and the bat. too cute! thanks so much for sharing with us!
jen :)

Carolyn said...

The toilet roll is a very versatile for craft activities. The bat looks great!

pauline@lessonslearntjournal.com said...

That is the cutest bat ever!