Toilet Paper Roll Toadstool

 Toadstool Supply List: 1 toilet paper roll, white paint, scissors, glue, construction paper

Cut about an inch off your toilet paper roll and save it for a later project.  Paint the remaining portion of your toilet paper roll white and allow to dry.

 Cut a circle out of a piece of red construction paper.  I let Cole do the cutting on this one.

 Paint white circles on your red construction paper.  I painted the circles for Cole and then he filled them in.  Cut a slit on one side of the circle up to the center.
Bend your construction paper slightly and glue the sides together.  Glue your construction paper on top of your toilet paper roll and allow to dry.

Book Suggestion: My kids love pop-up books and Pop-Up Toadstool  is no exception.  This book is full of beautiful pictures and beautiful pop-ups as well as a delightful story.  After we made our toadstool Cole got out his plastic bug collection and they played on it just like in the story.

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