Toilet Paper Roll Doughnuts {Doughnut Day}

Today is National Doughnut Day!  If you have a Krispy Kreme nearby you can treat yourself and the kids to a free doughnut.  If you don't, you can make your own doughnuts at home.
Doughnut Supply List: 2 toilet paper rolls, brown paint, glitter glue
Cut your toilet paper rolls into 1 inch pieces and paint them brown.
Once the paint drys use your glitter glue to add sprinkles to your doughnuts.
Allow to dry and enjoy.  The kids have been playing with these in their kitchen all week!

Book Suggestion: When a young boy ties a doughnut to his belt and strolls down the street, The Great Doughnut Parade begins. As he continues down his path a great number of characters follow him along.  Cole loved this book and we talked about who would follow him down the road if he was carrying a doughnut around. 

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