Paper Towel Roll Giraffe

 Giraffe Supply List: 1 paper towel roll, yellow & brown paint, google eyes, glue, scissors, pipe cleaner
 Start by painting your paper towel roll yellow and allow to dry.
 Paint some brown spots on your paper towel roll.
 Cut some feet out of the bottom of your paper towel roll.
 On the top of your paper towel roll so that it looks like the head of a giraffe sticking up.
 Add your eyes, pipe cleaners and a scrap of paper towel roll for a mouth.

Book Suggestion: In Giraffes Can't Dance, Gerald the giraffe just wants to dance.  He overcomes his akwardness with a little help and a new beat.  This is a delightful book that teaches children that everyone can unique and dance to the beat of their own drummer, or cricket.

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Julieg423 said...

As a former elementary education teacher now turned art teacher, this is really cute. Might incorporate the book and craft into a fun project next year. Thanks!