Make Your Own Heart Wrapping Paper

This was a really fun activity that Cole absolutely loved.  We made our own heart stamped wrapping paper for him to use to wrap up a little Valentine's Day present he had gotten for Dad.

Heart Wrapping Paper Supply List: 1 toilet paper roll, large sheet of craft paper, paint, small piece of tape
Start by folding your toilet paper roll until it is in the shape of a heart.  I put a small piece of tape across the top of the heart to help it keep its form.  This worked out well because Cole didn't need to try to hold it together while he was stamping.
Dip your newly made heart stamp in your paint and have at it.  The more saturated and mushy the end of the toilet paper roll became, the better the prints looked. 
After stamping lots of pink hearts Cole decided to switch to purple.  Instead of just getting him a new plate of purple paint I added some blue to the pink and we mixed them together.
Allow your paper to dry and then use it to wrap your present.  This was a really fun project that I'm sure we will be repeating for other holidays.


Ms. Jessi said...

LOVE your blog! We did this project yesterday and today, and I have to say it was a huge hit! My students parents loved their artwork. ;) I'm looking forward to doing many more of your crafts.

Would you allow me to post (and give you recognition) about ideas we use of yours?

The Baileys said...

What a great project! My daughter absolutely LOVED doing this (and there are super happy pics on my blog of her making her own!). Thank you!

Charissa said...

Awesome use of a toilet paper roll - and the hearts turned out adorably!