Getting Ready For The Extracurriculars with thredUP

Yes, I realize it's only July.  But the truth is that we have a little over a month until school is back in session and with back-to-school also comes back-to-extracurricular.  In our house that means dance and soccer.  Lucky for me thredUP has my covered in this department.  Not only can I shop for back-to-school clothes for the kids, but they also sell gently used athletic and dance shoes and apparel.  

A quick search for dance items found me plenty of leotards, as well as tap shoes.  If you've ever purchased new tap shoes for your little one you know that they can be very expensive and they grow out of the so fast.  To get you started I've created a style shop with lots of dance items linked for purchase.  You can check it out here.

Both my kids are going to play soccer this year so that's another extracurricular activity that I'm going to need to shop for.  Once again, thredUP comes to the rescue.  With a great selection of gently used clothing and shoes, the kids will be outfitted for their games at a fraction of what I would spend at a sporting goods store.  I've also put together some of my favorite pics from the sports section of thredUP.

So there you have it, back-to-school and back-to-extracurricular-activity shopping made easy with a little help from thredUP.

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