Dissolving Styrofoam Experiment {as seen on Jacksonville Moms Blog}

Recently I wrote a post for the Jacksonville Moms Blog highlighting some of my favorite science experiments for big kids.  These were all done for the Mad Science Party we threw for Cole's 8th birthday.  Here are the details for the Dissolving Styrofoam Experiment.

Dissolving Styrofoam

Materials: Styrofoam Cups, Maximum Strength Acetone (nail polish remover), Droppers

Directions: Pour the acetone over the Styrofoam and watch it dissolve (it is dissolving, it is NOT melting).

Why it works: Styrofoam is made up of polystyrene foam. When the polystyrene dissolves in the acetone, the air in the foam is released, causing it to look like you’re dissolving this massive quantity of material into a small volume of liquid.

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