A Pinkalicious Birthday Party {part 3}

Here are a few of the activity stations I had set up for the party.

The true blue cure for Pinkatitus: Green Food

Adopt a Goldie:  I had adoption certificates and each of the girls got to take a little unicorn home with them.

Dress up like Pinkalicious:  each girl got a pink tutu, wings and a wand.

Pinkalicious Polish: we painted toes and fingers with some pink polish.

Pink-Tail Parlor: I had cupcake clips and pig tail holders and each girl got a little brush and their hair put up in pink-tails.


MaK said...

Where did you get the unicorn stuffed animals? I love that idea and am looking into it...

MaK said...

I love the adopt a unicorn idea, I am just wondering where you got them?

Shannon said...

I can't remember where the unicorns came from. I know I ordered them online and I'm pretty sure I had to get a dozen at a time.