Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Ornament

I'm going to take a break from Elf Shenanigans for the next day or two to post some toilet paper roll crafts for the Christmas holiday.  But don't worry, Elfie will be back before you know it.

Supply List: 1 toilet paper roll, green construction paper, stapler, paint, scissors

Fold your toilet paper in half and squish it down.  Cut 6 small strips of your toilet paper roll.

Use your stapler to form the toilet paper roll strips into a flower shape.  You could also use glue, but we're really impatient around here so I just used a stapler.

Paint your flower red and glue a few green circles into the center.

Use your pipe cleaner to hang this lovely little ornament to the tree.  This would almost make a nice gift for a grandparent.

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