I Spy Party Wrap Up

Here are just a few random pictures to wrap up my I Spy Party posts.  

When the kids arrived I had the tables set up with bags for them to decorate.  This is always my favorite way to start a party.  It allows the kids to have something to do while waiting for those last few straglers to arrive.

One of the other activities we did at the party was to play I Spy Bingo.  The kids won their choice on an I Spy book.

The only thing my kids consistently ask for at their parties is a pinata.  I searched everywhere for a magnifying glass pinata and this is the only one I could find.  It was originally a "Sid the Science Kid" pinata, but I blew up a copy of the I Spy logo and stuck it over the Sid picture.

The birthday boy!

A picture of the dining room all set up.  I went with paper lanterns this year instead of balloons and I really, really liked them.  It was so much easier to set up a day or two before the party and not have anything deflate on us.

Lastly, was the beverage set up at the party.  The glass canisters came from Target and the vinyl decal came from Etsy.

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