Summer Rocks!

I should have posted this a while back, but we've been so busy enjoying the summer.  I've mentioned before about the Summer Bingo program that I did for Cole over the last few years.  Well this year we decided to try something new.  I designed my "Summer Rocks" program and I'm very pleased with how it has been going.  Here's a breakdown of what it looks like.

Begin by collecting some rocks.  We tried to choose ones that I'd be able to write on.  Cole loved hunting for rocks around the neighborhood and in the yard.  We started this process a few weeks before school let out.  Paint one side of the rocks.  I divided the rocks into 6 different colors/categories and had 8 in each section.

On the opposite side of the painting I used an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie to write tasks/activities/chores that Cole needed to do to earn the rock.  I tried to make each color a specific genre.  For example, all the blue rocks are technology based activities - play the wii, play a game on my phone, watch a movie, etc.  My reasoning behind this is that I knew if each color had a "super fun" item then that is all he would choose to do.  Orange rocks are school work related, yellow are all outside activities, and so on.  This gives us a well rounded selection to choose from.

Then I make a sheet with a rainbow of dots.  This is where Cole puts his rock after he earns it by completing the task listed.

My last job was to create prize tickets for Cole to earn.   Here are the tickets and you can see some of the prizes I used for him.

Before putting the tickets out for him I added some Scratch-off Stickers so that he couldn't see what the prizes were.  He loves it when he gets to scratch for a new prize.

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Hannah @ Making Boys Men said...

This is über creative! At first I thought it was just colour matching until I read it properly, love how you have different colours for different types of activities. I think my boys are a little young for it now, but I've pinned it to save up for a future summer.