Toilet Paper Roll Apples

Apple Supply List: 1 toilet paper roll, red, green & yellow paint, glue

Begin by cutting 4 rings out of your toilet paper roll.  3 will become your apples and the 4th will be cut up to create your apple stems.  Paint each ring.  We did 1 green, 1 red, 1 yellow.

Paint your 4th (extra) ring green and allow everything to dry.

Cut your extra ring into stem shaped pieces.

Glue your stems on the apples.

This activity came about because Cole's pre-K class started off the year with a unit on apples.  He had such a great time learning about and tasting all the different apple varieties so we used this as an extension activity to further enhance learning at home.

Book Suggestion: Apples for Everyone is a great non-fiction work that takes you from small apple bud all the way to buckets of fruit being harvested.  The vivid pictures and descriptive text quickly made it a favorite for us.

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alljoinin said...

love these, I have metal fruit napkin rings that I use for hungry caterpillar and Im gonna make these now