Paper Towel Roll Campfire

 Campfire Supply List: 4 paper towel rolls, glue gun, paint, red tissue paper

 Begin by painting your paper towel rolls brown and allow them to dry.

 Using a glue gun, glue the paper towel rolls together.  PLEASE don't allow young children to use a glue gun.  This part of the craft should be done by an adult.

 Cut your tissue paper into strips.  Cole loved doing this part all by himself.

Glue your tissue paper flames down into the paper towel rolls.

Book Suggestion: The Kids Campfire Book is a great book for older as well as younger children.  It's geared towards 4th-6th grade, but my 4 year old loved it.  We sang some of the songs and read through the receipes looking for one we could make for our indoor camp out.

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