Paper Towel Roll Rocket {Space Day}

Did you know that the first Friday in May is Space Day?  You can learn more about Space Day at their official website.  In honor of the day we made a rocket and a space shuttle.  I'll share the shuttle project with you tomorrow.

Rocket Supply List: 1 paper towel roll, paint, construction paper, scissors, glue
 Start by painting your paper towel roll.  As you can see, Cole chose to make a red rocket.
 Cut out the construction paper wings and rocket cap.  You'll need 4 right triangles and 1 piece shaped like an eye.  I had to experiment to get the sizing just right on the piece for the top of the rocket.
 Cut 4 slits on the bottom of your paper towel roll.  Insert your right triangle pieces and bend them.  Use your glue to adhere the construction paper to the inside of your tube.
 Repeat until all 4 triangles are adhered to the bottom of the rocket.
 Bend your eye shaped piece of construction paper to form a triangular tube.  I used a stapler to keep it's shape.  Glue your construction paper to the top of the paper towel roll.
Fly your rocket around the house!

Book Suggestion:  We found the book Roaring Rockets at the library this week and Cole has loved it.  It rhymes, it has great rocket facts and the characters are cute, funny animals.  Pretty much all the ingredients needed for a delightful story.

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