Cardboard Tube Lion

 Lion Supply List: 1 toilet paper roll, paint, glue, scissors, google eyes, yellow paper, pipe cleaner
 Begin by painting your toilet paper roll yellow.  We mixed a little glitter glue in with our paint to make a sparkly lion.  Allow your paint to dry.
 Cut legs from the bottom of your toilet paper roll.
 Cut a circle out of your piece of yellow paper and cut small slits all the way around the circle so that it looks like a sun.  I let Cole do some of the cuts on this, but then he got board so I finished it for him.
 Add google eyes and draw on a mouth.
Glue on your lion face on the toilet paper roll and add a pipe cleaner tail.

Book Suggestion: I love the story of the The Lion & the Mouse.  It's a classic fable with a wonderful lesson.  In this version, the story has no words and the beautiful illustrations tell the story.  I like using wordless books with my kids.  It gives them a chance to really tell the story and predict what they think is going to happen as well as recant what they've seen.

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