Cardboard Tube Dragon

 Dragon Supply List: 1 toilet paper roll, glue, glitter marker or paint, google eyes, scraps of green and red paper, scissors
 Begin by painting or coloring your toilet paper roll.  We found these glitter markers on sale at Target.  They were much messier than I expected, but Cole had fun using them and loved the sparkles.
 Cut out feet, wings, tail and a tongue/fire from your scrap paper.  We had some extra time so we colored on our dragon parts using the glitter markers.
 Using a pair of sharp and pointy scissors (adults only please) cut a zig zag mouth out of the dragon.
 Glue on your eyes and other body parts and allow to dry.
Cute!  The red thing hanging out of his mouth was supposed to be fire, but Cole thought it looked more like a tongue, so we'll go with that.

Book Suggestion: Another favorite dragon book by another favorite author.  The Knight and the Dragon by Tomie dePaola pits what should be two formidable opponents against each other, but the outcome is not what you would expect.  A delightful read for pre-school kids.

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Andrea said...

Very cute and easy. My 4 year old will love this! Thank you for sharing.