Make Your Own Crayons {Part 2}

Yesterday I showed you how to make your own crayons.  One of the adaptations we did to this project was to make the crayons into different shapes.  Cole really enjoyed this because he is starting to become familiar with different shapes and it was fun for him to see the shaped toilet paper rolls and then the shaped crayons.  Follow the steps listed out in yesterday's post about how to melt the wax and prepare the molds. 
 Make Your Own Crayons Supply List: 3 toilet paper rolls, crayons, small paper cups, packing tape, crock-pot
 Crease the cardboard tubes into different shapes before sealing the bottoms with packing tape.  Pour your wax and wait for them to harden.  Caution: wax will be very hot.  Please don't allow young children to pour wax.
Once your crayons are hard, pull back the toilet paper roll cardboard and get to coloring!

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