Fluffy Sheep

 Sheep Supply List: 1 toilet paper roll, black construction paper, google eyes, scissors, glue, cotton balls, pipe cleaner
 Start by threading the pipe cleaner through the bottom of the toilet paper roll.  You will need to do this twice, in the front and in the back.  Trim the pipe cleaner to good leg length.
 Cover the toilet paper roll with lots of glue.  This was Cole's favorite part.
 Add cotton balls until your sheep is good and fluffy.
 While your cotton balls dry cut a circle out of your black construction paper and add google eyes.
Glue your black circle to the front of the toilet paper roll.

Book Suggestion: There are plenty of sheep shenanigans with characters Shaw and Apple in the book Sheep Out to Eat.  The tongue twisting rhymes and sheep adventures are sure to please your little shenaniganizer.

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