Cute Little Bunny Toilet Paper Roll

 Bunny Supply List: 1 toilet paper roll, paint, brush, pink crayon, scrap of white paper, glue, scissors, marker, google eyes, cotton ball
 Cut your toilet paper roll in half and paint it.  We choose to use pink paint with some glitter mixed in.  Allow your cardboard tubes to dry.
 Cut two ears from your white paper and color pink in the center of the ears.  I drew an outline for the middle of the ears and then let Cole color them in himself.
 Glue your ears between the two tubes.  I used a chip clip to hold it together while it dried.
 Add your eyes, tail and draw on a mouth and some whiskers.

Book Suggestion: Jan Brett is one of my favorite authors.  This winter we loved reading The Hat and this week we've been enjoying The Easter Egg.  A young bunny named Hoppi wants to have the best egg so that he can help the Easter Bunny on Easter morning.  His plans are changed when he discovers a robin's egg has rolled out of the nest.

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