U is for Umbrella {Umbrella Day}

Happy Umbrella Day!  That's right, February 10th celebrates the invention of a very useful tool, the umbrella.
 U Umbrella Supply List: 1 toilet paper roll, glue, paint, scissors, construction paper
 Start by creasing the side of your toilet paper roll on one side.  This will make it into a raindrop shape.  You're going to use the toilet paper roll to stamp on raindrops after you get your umbrella made.
Cut a letter U out of construction paper and glue it onto another sheet of construction paper.  Use your toilet paper roll to stamp raindrops all over the paper.
 Cut an umbrella shape out of construction paper and glue it onto 1 side of your umbrella.

Book Suggestion: Ella's Umbrellas by Jennifer Lloyd is a delightful story about a little girl named Ella and her collection of umbrellas.  Not only is this a great story to go along with an umbrella craft, but it also talks about the importance of sharing. 

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