Bleach Spray Gator T-Shirts

So as I'm perusing pinterest I see lots of examples of these t-shirts made using sprayed bleach or a bleach pen.  And I think, I could do that.  So I convince a good friend who has a silhouette machine to cut out some Gator logos for me.  They were cut on freezer paper and I ironed them onto the shirts.  Then the real fun began.  I mixed together about 30% water with 70% bleach and sprayed the shirts.  My first attempt is on the right.  Fail.  I obviously sprayed too heavily.

I then tried again, this time using a much lighter spray (example on the left).  This one was a success.  You can see a picture of all the kids in their shirts below.  I even sewed Kiley a pillowcase dress and sprayed a Gator on it for her.

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