Toilet Paper Roll Race Car

 Race Car Supply List: 1 toilet paper roll, paint, hole punch, scissors, 4 plastic bottle lids, 2 toothpicks, 1 straw
 Begin by painting your toilet paper roll.
 While you're waiting for your toilet paper roll to dry trim your straw to just a little shorter than your toothpicks. 
 Punch holes in your toilet paper roll and thread the straw through.  Then insert the toothpick through the straw.
 Punch some small holes in the plastic lids.  You want to make sure that you get the hole directly in the center so that the wheels don't wobble.
 Put the wheels onto the toothpicks.  I ended up putting a little drop of glue on the outside of the wheel, right where the toothpick poked through, but it wasn't necessary.  I just didn't want the baby to pull them off and try to eat them.
Cut a hole in the center of the toilet paper roll for a seat and find a little friend who wants to go for a ride.

Book Suggestion: R is for Race: A Stock Car Alphabet is a great book that is as rhyming verse for that little kids will love and longer paragraphs that are good for older kids.  It's perfect for the little car enthusiast in your house.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I'm in love with this craft. Going to do this with my 5's class in a few weeks during our Transportation Week! :)

    I'm posting your blog on my FB page, cause I think you're blog is so great!

  2. Love the idea making Race Car with toilet paper. Thanks for sharing!
    You can also check my post.

  3. The simplest ideas are the best. Love it and a quick result which helps with my toddlers short attention span.

  4. These are just great. I love so many of the simple crafts because you can get them done in a day. And have wonderful results. This is my 1st visit to your pages but won't be my last. Thanks so much for sharing. Alisa

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